The first Czechoslovak State institute of national health was founded after the World War I on the soil of former agriculture farm in Bohumil. Its main purpose was to develop and produce the sera and vaccines and control the quality of food and drugs. The health institute was moved to Prague after the World War II with exception of its manufacturing division. Vaccines were produced in Bohumil by company Biogena and later Sevac. After the Velvet revolution, the government decided on the construction of the Human plasma fractionation facility. The project was never finished and the site was purchased by company Baxter in 2001. The influenza Vaccines were produced in Bohumil between 2003 and 2015 based on the advanced serum free Vero cell technology. Company Nanotherapeutics acquired the site after the production program termination. Nanotherapeutics sold the site together with the Vero cell license for IPV production to newly established Praha Vaccines.